About Shamansoft

Shamansoft is an independent game development company located in Ankara, Turkey, founded in 2013. Shamansoft is founded to both develop games, mobile and desktop based applications. Shamansoft is currently developing a mmorpg game, which is basicly based on real life and takes the subjects and events from the world parallelly, in real time. Shamansoft's studio is located in TOBB University of Economics and Technology, Garage Building.

History of Shamansoft

Shamansoft was founded by Burak Ertuğrul, who studied Computer Engineering in TOBB University of Economics and Technology. The idea behind the being a company was to make his childhood dream come true about the games and provide mobile and desktop applications to the market, in order to help current technologies and products to be more portable and more easier to use. Shamansoft's main goal in games was developing only one game, which perpetually grows and develops on its own with main features that was supplied beforehand. A game that was self recursive and productive by itself. In accordance with the idea, Shamansoft was started develop the game in 2014 with 4 Computer Engineers and 3 game designers. And their idea was deem suitable and worth to support by TEPAV(Economic Policy Research Foundation in Turkey) and Garage Administration.

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